Some internet utilities part – II

January 4, 2008

As promised, here is my next quota of utilities that i found useful on internet. Top on my list is roboform . Well this is a browser addon that can manage passwords for all your sites. Whenever you enter your username and password for any website, roboform stores them so the next time you visit those sites you just need to select the website name in roboform toolbar and it will fill the username and passwords and automatically log you in. There are host of other useful features. You can check them out here . I like the auto fill feature wherein you can create an identity for yourself and then wherever you need to register just click on the identity and select fill forms and roboform fills common details like first name, last name, email id etc.

Other utility i found useful is crossloop. This software is really useful when you want to remote desktop to any machine over internet. Helps when your troubleshooting your brother’s or your family’s PC. You can right away download and use it. There is a nice article on this available here.When i tried to connect to my friend’s laptop over internet it was very slow. it takes a lot of time to render. Instead i would suggest him to put his laptop over internet so that i can remote desktop. That would be a little faster. Yet this tool is very handy when the other party is naive at using computers.

Hmm..well someday i ll also write some must have firefox add-ons that increase your productivity and ease certain manual tasks.

Till then,Its good bye from your host.

~ Maverik



  1. Good work Mr(Master??!!).Maverik

  2. Very useful da.. continue the good work..

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  4. I use roboform everyday, and I love it. It saves me time when filling in forms and also logging into different accounts

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