Top Ten Firefox Add ons

January 12, 2008

Well you would have come across most of the content posted here. Moreover some of the addons that i have bumped upon are from the tech blogs i visited. I have compiled all of them and listed my favourites here. Most of the addons mentioned would be of help to developers who surf a lot . So without much ado here they are:

1. Stumbleupon – Gateway to surf the best of the internet. It also provides features to bookmark the visited sites and share it with friends and build communities based on your interests. A must for an avid surfer

2. SessionManager – Nice to have addon that helps you to save all the links and restore them when needed. Generally i open a lot of links in my browser and when i need to take a break, i save the entire session using session manager so the next time i restart my laptop i can get to where i left by restoring the entire session.Quite helpful.

3. Send Tab Urls – Another helpful addon i use when i browse at office. It so happens that i cant continue browsing web pages at office and intend to browse them at home at my convenience. But i would need to start it all over from scratch had it not been for this addon. This addon helps me in saving all the links into a mail and send it to a mail address. So when i reach home all i do is open all the links and recontinue my work from where i left at the office. Alternatively the same can be done by saving the session using session manager and sending the .session file created to your email. At your home you just need to save the file at %LOCAL_USER%\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\1hju3cck.default\sessions

4. Roboform– The needed info is already available in the preceding post.

5. Firebug – A must addon for any web developer who deals with CSS and Java script. Noteworthy feature is that it allows you to edit javascript/CSS and execute it on the fly and see the results.

6. Imacros – Hmm, we have roboform which automates authentication to websites like gmail,yahoo,wordpress,etc. Infact these are the sites that i initially visit. What if there is a means to automate launching all these sites so that in one click all these sites open and i m logged with my account. Thats where Imacro is of use to me. Just as their website say you can automate anything that firefox does.

7. AutoCopy – A software developer survives on the basic skill needed in IT industry: Ctrl+C..Ctrl+V. This addon typically increases productivity of the developer by copying any selected text to the clipboard.

8. Fox Marks Sychroniser – A addon for managing your bookmarks across your computers. I browse a lot at office and any worthy link i add it to my bookmark. I use this tool to create a repository of them at a server and at home i come and syncronise my local bookmarks with that on my server. By doing this i dont stand to lose any of my bookmarks incase my PC crashes.

9. Downthemall – Useful when you are downloading and saving pages on your computer.

10. FireScribe – This is just a fill in. Just to bring the number to 10. Neverthless useful to bloggers who intend to publish their posts in various blogging sites like wordpres, blogger etc.

Hope you found these addons as useful as i did.

~ Maverik



  1. Nice site!

  2. Thanks for sharing with ur.Fire fox is best browers…

  3. Nice to seen the firefox adons . I founded that these are really good.

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