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Power of web will democratise the system

December 13, 2007

This post is just to make you realize the power of web. How can one leverage web to communicate his thoughts and thereby fight effectively against the system. The system could be any entity: political, non-political, business organizations or any individual. This post is all about how we can take better decisions and learn from each other mistakes. Web as a medium fosters faster communication at a wider audience with less transmission loss. For Example, the rating of a new movie is known instantly . People have the liberty to judge a movie without needing to visit the theatre. IMDB – Internet Movie Database has the ratings for all the movies. It also includes reviews written by movie-goers. Thanks to the evolution of web from 1.0 to 2.0 . Web 1.0 was all about displaying static content. Web 2.0 is all about of social networking. It defines how group of people communicate to take informed decision and share information for each other’s benefit

I will quote few instances where i used social networking to make informed decision. The objective of this post is to make you embrace the power of web2.0 for the betterment of society. In March 2006 I had planned to buy a bike. In this age you are spoiled for choices. To choose one that best fits you is a tough proposition. I bumped on a website called . This site has rating of all the products on earth – you name and it is there. You can find the reviews posted by users of the product. And you can also rate the reviews posted by other users. You can build a network of trusted users and set aside the untrusty ones. You can add products to your wishlist and can receive notifications whenever any user adds a review of that product. And now that is really cool. By the way you can find my review of at here . When it comes to rating restaurants, i look upto – A social networking site built to specifically rate restaurants, hotels in your city. Such sites makes business organizations to be on their toes. They are aware that any mistake they make has a lot of repercussions. Corporates are infact using the same medium to attract customers too. Mouthshut has introduced a new feature called Corporate blog through which corporates can get first hand info about how customers feel about their product. Social networking is going to redefine how we buy and how companies sell their products. I ll definitely encourage you to be a part of this redefinning process.

Another such instance of my brushes with web2.0 is the creation of this blog. One of the reason why i decided to blog was to share information to a wider audience who can benefit from it. And with this post i have started my initial albeit small baby steps towards that goal [:)]