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Updates about my blog

December 16, 2007

A few updates about my blog. I have added a podcast feed from odiogo. So anybody interested to listen rather than read my post can download the podcast. Thats just another feature of this blog. Also i have included links from other blogs that i constantly read.These blogs cover lot of areas from business, technology, real estate and self-improvement. Just check them out. You might like a few of them.


Back with vengeance

October 24, 2007


I m back to writing my blog. Not the first time that i have created a blog. I did create one, long back at but was so lazy to update it regulary. So here i m trying my second attempt at creating a blog and more importantly promising to update it regularly. What all will i be blogging here ? Hmm….Technology, Open source – Ubuntu, Movies, Music and tips on wealth and career management. This is just a medium to share my insights and experience that i had acquired all these years. Hope it helps few people in shaping themselves for the better.